From the kitchen

Rövarborgens food policy aims at giving the children good food habits, food pleasure, promoting their health and giving them energy to work with the day-care activities of the pre-school.
Adapt the children's nutritional needs
We want the meals to be a calm and enjoyable moment and to teach the children a good table shot
Every day, varied vegetables are served to the food and we have good ingredients such as cream, good meat, chicken, fish and sausage.
For food, we always drink Lättmjölk (according to the Swedish Food Administration's rack) and water. We offer a good dessert every now and then

Rövarborg's Policyn has five overall guidelines, as well as a description of how the follow-up and responsibility for the policy are regulated.

Guidelines for the food at Rövarborgen staff cooperative

The food at Rövarborgen shall:

1. Be home-made.
2. Be good, nutritious and varied.
3. Cooked and eaten so that everyone at Rövarborgen knows food pleasure
4. Signed by an effort to buy the most economical option.
5. The goods are purchased by trusted suppliers

Special diet in Preschool
See separate document SPECIAL COST OR SPECIAL COSTS LINE under the Documents tab



Every day between kl. 07.00-07.30 our breakfast is presented. It varies between:
File with flakes / muesli. porridge.
Sandwich, toppings and vegetables, milk.
Kl. 11.30 we serve lunch.
We drink milk and water for lunch and serve crisp bread sometimes as a supplement
Kl. 14.15 to 14.30
What we can have for snacks is:
Milk and sandwich
Milk and sandwiches
Sausage with bread and milk / water to
We try to supplement it with some fruit
When the children fill the year they decide what to have for lunch, it will be their wish! (Deviates from the rating sheet then)