For us, collaboration between educator and parents is important!
We strive to maintain an open dialogue with the parents, they should feel confident that their comments and wishes for our work at the preschool
Educators offer talks about the child's development in the autumn and Follow-up meetings in the spring
We have 1 Parent Meeting once a year. (Autumn)

About Rövarborgens presschool

Preschool staff is cooperative since 1995, the house was built in 1989

We are a small school with about 27 children aged 1-5 years and 7 educator
The preschool is run as Economic association of:

Viviana Palacios - Partner, Preschool Director, Directors of association, chef at preschool
Jessica M. Olsson Partner, Secretary,  Member of association
Annika Jontalar-Partner, Treasurer, Member of association

Our business is in Norrtälje management and receive regular visits by both Fire Protection, Food and supervisory inspector from Norrtälje .We are working for different plans and to keep us uppadaterade we try to participate as much as possible on the various meetings with both municipal and private schools and preschools.
The preschool is located near the nature of the Rö
We have a large and lovely courtyard which is around the nursery, the yard is large grassy areas for different types of games and educational materials that children can play / build with, in the winter we have a small sledding hill where the children can go sledding on
We have swings, a slide, a large sandbox partially covered. Paved roads with painted center lines and p - places for games with bicycle .Klättra or crawl through games, we have different tools that invites you to play and imagination
We have a very nice playground and an outdoor kitchen for more sandy and gooey games. Also a small grove of trees perfect for building

We want to grow together with the children a little easy on the farm and we are pleased that we have strawberries and currants which the children themselves can pick and eat