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Private preschool

We want every child must feel that they are good as they are and believe in their own ability

Questions and Answers About our queue management

When do I, as a parent responses from preschool?
Answer: We will answer max after 3 months from the date the required acclimatization

May I call the preschool and check the waiting list we have?
Answer: Yes, you may only be information about your child's place in the queue

Am I guaranteed a place in nursery school just because I'm standing in the queue?
Answer: No, you are guaranteed a place where you fit offer via the web and you accept within 14 days

What happens if I do not accept the place?
Answer: You have to answer within 14 days through the Web site goes on to the next, it's fine if you want to remain in the queue but then you end up at the bottom of the list


At the moment we have no vacancies to offer. Please contact us for more info


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